About Us

American Epoxy Scientific is a veteran-owned business located in Mountain Home, Arkansas, owned by Steve Luelf, CEO.  We are surrounded by exceptionally clear lakes and rivers, making our area an outdoor destination for boating and fishing enthusiasts around the world and the home of a stable labor pool intent on staying in the area.

Our parent company, American Stitchco,  has been in operation for 37 years and provides employment opportunities for 400 team members spanning five locations across our region.  American Stitchco has been a certified supplier to the automakers since inception as well as a valued long term supplier to many non-automotive customers, including products for the NASA space program.  American Stitchco is an IATF-16949:2016, ISO-9001, ISO-14001 (environmental) and Lockheed Martin space program certified supplier.

n Stitchco is an IATF-16949:2016, ISO-9001, ISO-14001 (environmental) and Lockheed Martin space program certified supplier.

After a long running  local epoxy-resin top company closed in 2014 and many employees lost their jobs, Steve purchased the factory in July of 2015 with the intent of seeing if it could be re-established and the jobs preserved.  The plant had been stripped of all equipment, which had been sold to their competitor, but the experienced labor force was still available.
The effort  of dedicated associates and much work in many areas with the acquisition of more up-to-date equipment led to sales in 2016 with steady growth each following year.  American Epoxy Scientific is now a valued domestic and international supplier, as well as a significant fabricator of epoxy chemical resistant laboratory tops, as well as sinks, fume hood tops and related accessories, and fabricator of phenolic from several sources.  American Epoxy Scientific is vertically integrated with our own machine shop and 5-axis CNC equipment making molds in house for our and customer use, which saves time and money.
Our scientific surfacing products are installed around the world in schools, universities, healthcare facilities and research labs because of their superior chemical, moisture and heat resistance.  The classic non-glare, matte finish epoxy-resin tops have set the standard for lab design. 2021 AES Product Information
With a focus on our community and protecting our pristine surroundings, we build partnerships with our customers around the world by providing exemplary customer service and crafting high quality products to support the laboratory industry.

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